The perfect perk-me-up perfume!

Just a super short post today, but I couldn’t resist a quick rave about Pacifica’s Perfume in Malibu Lemon Blossom scent. This is described as a blend of “Lemon Blossom, Litsea Cubeba (don’t ask me what that is) and the salty sea air.” There are also notes of Angel’s Trumpet and herbs. It’s very Herman Melville meets Jane Austen.

Well, if you’re not already sold, read on!

I’m not a scent person normally – for one thing, I can’t stand the underzing of alcohol in most perfumes. I usually wear vanilla or coconut scents if I wear anything, but I wanted something zippy for Spring. I first tried this out at Sprouts and I loved it immediately. I didn’t buy it though, because I wanted to see how it would wear. All day long it smelled fresh, light and citrusy (but not overwhelmingly so) and it just makes me feel…well…happy when I’m wearing it. It’s like aromatherapy. This one will definitely be in my March favorites! I bought the roll-on for $15.00 at Vitacost.



Pacifica Solid Perfume – Island Vanilla – Review!

I recently tried Pacifica’s Island Vanilla Solid Perfume, which is currently on sale at Sprouts (and some online stores it seems) for $6.99, down from $9.00. I have to say, I LOVE it. It is vanilla-based, but has floral and honey notes as well, and an underlying spicy scent – sort of like Ylang Ylang. Not too cloying and sweet, and it strikes the right balance between sensual and bright tones.

Despite my personal ‘smell-analysis,’ this is what is ACTUALLY in it: “vanilla absolute, with honey-jasmine notes and a touch of fruitiness, against a deep and beautiful base of tea.”

Sorry, but I had to play the wine-tasting game…you know where you try and impress your other half with your amazingly sensitive and refined palate, declaring the wine to taste like ‘blackberry and licorice,’ only to read the tasting notes that proclaim it’s actually ‘peach and wet dog,’ or some such…? Yeah, that’s me.

Anyway, all of Pacifica’s perfumes are made with essential oils and naturally derived fragrances in a coconut wax and organic soy base. The staying power seems pretty good to me, but it’s so handy and portable you could easily touch-up during the day. I will be popping this in my purse and using it at work, for sure.

Have you tried any of the other scents? In the store I tried Guava (too sweet) and a few others, but the vanilla one seemed like the best ‘every-day’ scent.

BONUS: If you sign up for email at Pacifica’s website you will be sent a coupon for a free ‘lip quench’ when you spend $25.00. Just click here to get to the website.

Stay tuned! I have a lot of cool reviews to come this weekend, with my Petit Vour September review and a Fall Favorites (thus far) post!