The perfect perk-me-up perfume!

Just a super short post today, but I couldn’t resist a quick rave about Pacifica’s Perfume in Malibu Lemon Blossom scent. This is described as a blend of “Lemon Blossom, Litsea Cubeba (don’t ask me what that is) and the salty sea air.” There are also notes of Angel’s Trumpet and herbs. It’s very Herman Melville meets Jane Austen.

Well, if you’re not already sold, read on!

I’m not a scent person normally – for one thing, I can’t stand the underzing of alcohol in most perfumes. I usually wear vanilla or coconut scents if I wear anything, but I wanted something zippy for Spring. I first tried this out at Sprouts and I loved it immediately. I didn’t buy it though, because I wanted to see how it would wear. All day long it smelled fresh, light and citrusy (but not overwhelmingly so) and it just makes me feel…well…happy when I’m wearing it. It’s like aromatherapy. This one will definitely be in my March favorites! I bought the roll-on for $15.00 at Vitacost.



Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara and Dreamlit Under Eye Brightener Review!

Pacifica has been one of my favorite brands since starting on my green beauty journey. It’s accessible (Target, au naturellement) relatively cheap (compared to many green/organic brands) and the packaging has this amazing art deco vintage thing going on that makes me want to crack open an Agatha Christie, dig out my flapper costume, and smoke cheroots.

So I was very happy to try out Pacifica’s Dreamlit Under Eye Brightener in “Bare.” ($15.00)

I’m really glad I’ve finally found a decent mineral concealer! This stuff does the trick, and best of all it doesn’t sink into fine lines or look dry. I put this down to my favorite of ingredients which is – as you know by now – coconut oil. This concealer also contains caffeine and reflective minerals, and I think it does a really good job of banishing dark circles. As an added bonus this looks nice on eyelids for a natural eyeshadow, or in the corners of your eye for a wide-awake look. However, it wouldn’t work for covering up zits or scars because it’s too shimmery. Pacifica also sells this in a pinker more translucent shade called “Dreamlight,” which looks more like a bog-standard highlighter than a concealer. Plus you’re then buying a product strangely named “Dreamlit Dreamlight.” 🙂 It’s a shame there aren’t more shades for different skin tones, but for fair skin the “Bare” shade is lovely. However, if you’re after a deeper tone, matte or full coverage, be aware that this ain’t that.

I also bought the Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Long-Lash Mineral Mascara in “Abyss.” ($14.00) I was excited about this one because my Suncoat Sugar Based mascara is, well, let’s not put too fine a point on it. It’s crap.  Would I have finally found the mineral mascara of my dreams? Weeelll, not really. I guess the crazy long name sounds like it’s overcompensating for something, so maybe I should have been wary…

Though it’s had good reviews, the best thing about this mascara is the color – it’s a deep, deep black and really makes your lashes pop. But it doesn’t really separate lashes that well, nor does it really lengthen. At least, not in comparison to non-mineral mascaras that I’ve used up to this point by Benefit, Too-Faced and Smashbox. It’s a step up from Tarte’s – I can’t stand Tarte mascara because it has a wand with REALLY scratchy bristles, and it’s definitely a step up from the sticky sugar-based Suncoat. But it does tend to flake a bit during the day, and weirdly makes my lashes feel stiff. Also, I just discovered, that it contains one of my ingredient no-no’s: Disodium EDTA (considered low risk by EWG, but I’d rather have no risk thanks!) To be honest, you may as well just use a regular brand mascara as use this. I’ve heard that the best mineral mascara is W3LL People’s, so maybe I’ll just have to bite the bullet and splash out on that once this tube is used up.

How about you? Any mineral mascara joy?

#BlackFridayFail – What I bought (and only slightly regret buying).

Every year I smugly tell friends and family that I will NOT be participating in the Black Friday madness, and every year I totally, totally do. I call this the Black Friday Fail (hashtag optional). It all started when I checked my email this morning and found about 100 emails from various companies advertising their Black Friday deals. I think you’d have to be Ghandi to resist.

I was very discriminating, however…

The best online deal, at least for me, was the Pacifica ‘$10.00 off’ deal and free shipping (if you spend $50.00) plus the free gift box. I’m buying my sister a little natural beauty gift package for Christmas filled with items I love, so I was happy to get the box as a freebie, and of the goodies below I bought two  – one for me, one for her…

I bought:

– 7 free topcoat and basecoat – “Gloss” (I’ve heard good things about this product, and I like that it does double-duty). $9.00

– Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mascara (this has had amazing reviews, so I’m really eager to try it. I still haven’t found a natural mascara I like). $14.00

– Island Vanilla Solid Perfume (you know my love for this; I got another for my sis) $9.00 (only a bit miffed that it was $8.00 at Sprouts today!

Aside from the online bonanza, there was plenty on offer in bricks-and-mortar-land. I didn’t buy much natural beauty stuff in stores. Instead I went a bit clothes-crazy. The best deal I found was at NYC Company – a black cotton jumpsuit with 70% off, and then I got a $10.00 off ‘lottery ticket’ in store – so instead of paying $70.00 for it, I got it for a song at $11.00!! I also got some sweaters at Target (40% off) and a pair of boots at Broadway Shoes for 40% off. However, I did pop into T.J Maxx. Here I must pull out the trumpets and play a fanfare…have you ever perused the natural beauty product selection at T.J Maxx? It’s stellar! I mean, amazing. Some day soon I will dedicate a whole post to it. In the meantime, I’ll just tell you what I bought…prickly pear seed oil at $9.99 for my sister (40% off), Juice Organics hair conditioner for $5.99 (yes, really!) and the best of the bunch…THIS!

This little beaut. is Deep Steep’s Honeydew and Spearmint Moisture Stick. It retails for $5.95 on their website, but I got it for $1.99. It’s awesome – anything with coconut oil is awesome IMO, because of the dewy finish and moisture it provides – and it’s super portable…perfect for traveling. You can use it as a lipbalm or just for general moisturizing.

Well, that’s it! I have a twinge of regret when I think about the money spent and the sad truth that Thanksgiving has become a consumer’s dream slash nightmare…but then I shrug, because a) I scored some deals and b) I had a wonderful Turkey day with my family, and truly feel deeply grateful for all that I have. I don’t want to break the cheese-o-meter but last night my hubby and I shared all that we were most thankful for about each other and our relationship. Preeeettty cheesy!! But, I loved it!

How about you? Did you score any deals? Did you have  a good Thanksgiving?

Petit Vour October ’14 Review…and Purple-ish Hair!

Hi friends!

First off (and, of course, most importantly!) what do you think of my new hair color? I don’t think the bright coral cardigan really does it any favors, but you get the idea. I was just tired of my regular brown and wanted something more cold-weather appropriate. The dye is Aveda brand…not chemical-free, but better than most. And if you’re interested to know, I’m wearing Red Apple lipstick in Boys ‘N Berry (though it doesn’t really show up here).

purple hairNow onto other more important matters. Finally, my Petit Vour review!! I know it’s now November and this is shockingly late, but a) I’m lazy and b) I’m lazy. Honestly, I was just lazy about taking the photo! But here we go:

petit vour octoberThe theme for October was “Beauty Thrillers,” but, as we all know, the theme is just an excuse for a pretty insert card 🙂

The main disappointment in this box for me was the Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick (top left). The formula seemed nice, and I’m a big Pacifica fan, but the color was atrocious on me. It was called “Tenderheart,” and was a kind of nude-brown color that made me look like a plague victim. It’d probably look quite nice on people with darker skin tones than mine though. (full-size $14.00)

I really liked the Flo and Theo Body Butter (top right) It was a gorgeous lemony scent, made with cocoa and shea butter. Very thick – a little goes a long way, but I appreciated the whipped texture which made it paradoxically light as well, and fun to use. (full-size $28.00)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the S.W. Basics makeup remover (bottom right). I’ve been struggling to find a decent makeup remover, and for a while I tried using my pure jojoba oil. However, it made my eyes go all blurry! This doesn’t, even though it’s only made with three oils: olive, jojoba, and sweet almond. Perhaps it’s the formulation, or the types of oils used, but it works a lot better than my pure oil experiment. (full-size $14-28.00)

Finally, another dud: the Forager Botanicals Eau de Parfum in the scent “Nectar” (bottom left). The scent just didn’t appeal to me, as it seemed kind of alcohol smelling. (full-size: a whopping $98.00). I’ll be sticking to my Pacifica Island Vanilla Solid Perfume thank you very much!
Well, folks, that’s it from me. I’ll be back soon with a Red Apple lipsticks review, and my Liebster award acceptance blurb!

Thanks for following, commenting etc! And now you can follow me on Twitter as well!

Liv 🙂

Angels & Demons Pt.1 – A ‘Dream’ Highlighter and a ‘Bloody’ Nail Polish!

Angels and Demons

It’s Halloween! And it’s time to play “Angels & Demons” (a game I just invented).

Over the next few days I’m gonna post an ‘angelic’ product review and a, well, not-so-angelic product review. So whether you’re feeling nice or naughty, like dishing out candy to trick or treaters, or slamming the door in their cute little button-nosed faces, there will be something here for you.

First up, our ‘angelic’ product. Bring on the harps.

Pacifica coconut

This little beauty (carpet notwithstanding) is the gorgeous Pacifica trio of highlighters: Coconut Multiples ($14.00) the colors are (from left) a sort of rosy-brown bronzer (“bronzed”) a gorgeous orchid pink (“island pink”) and a white shimmer (“moonlit”) all packaged in a box with a handy magnetic lid, for easy closing. They smell vaguely coconutty, which makes sense, as a key ingredient is coconut oil, along with Vitamin E, and safflower oil.

I bought this due to rave reviews on pretty much every beauty website, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although Pacifica boasts that you can wear these colors on your lips, eyes, or cheeks, these are really just highlighters. I tried it on my lips – er, no! On my eyes it didn’t have enough pigment (although the white one worked pretty well) and you’d really have to layer the color.

But as highlighters, they really work. Swipe “moonlit” under brows and above your cupid’s bow, and buff in the bronzer or the pink over or instead of blush for a beautiful glow.


Now, let’s take a look at the “demon.”


This little beauty is perfect for a Halloween manicure, but also as a fall color in general. In fact, it’s so fall appropriate I was surprised to learn that the color launched as part of a “1970s summer” collection. Weird!

Anyway, here I am, holding Floss Gloss’s Pro Nail Lacquer in the memorable shade, “Blood, Suede, and Tears.” ($8.00) The product is 3-free and cruelty free.

In the bottle, this nail polish appears to be a light chocolate brown.

I’m not gonna lie – it’s the color of poop.

But, like witchy magic, when you paint your nails with it, it transforms into a dark chocolate syrup color. And after two coats it looks like…


Yes, folks, this really is the exact color of blood!

And yet it’s weirdly gorgeous! It’s such an unusual shade, and I’ve had so many compliments on it. As you can see, it’s quite dark after two coats, and could easily be mistaken for a deep red, or even black. But nope – it’s definitely brown. In fact, on Floss Gloss’s website  (possibly the most hipster website I’ve ever visited) it’s described as “Blood Orange Brown.”

If you’re looking for an unusual, get-noticed, shade for fall, this is your lucky day. It might not sound appealing, but it really looks gorgeous. My photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s glossy and rich and just fantastic.

So, there we have it. Whatever your mood, there’s a green beauty product calling your name.

As per usual. Sigh – it’s a wonder I have any money left.

On which note, Sprouts is having a 25% off all personal care items sale this week, and I got to stock up on my beloved Pacific “Island Vanilla” solid perfume. 

Have a nice dress-up-at-work day tomorrow. My racoon costume is ready to go…

Liv 🙂

Pacifica Solid Perfume – Island Vanilla – Review!

I recently tried Pacifica’s Island Vanilla Solid Perfume, which is currently on sale at Sprouts (and some online stores it seems) for $6.99, down from $9.00. I have to say, I LOVE it. It is vanilla-based, but has floral and honey notes as well, and an underlying spicy scent – sort of like Ylang Ylang. Not too cloying and sweet, and it strikes the right balance between sensual and bright tones.

Despite my personal ‘smell-analysis,’ this is what is ACTUALLY in it: “vanilla absolute, with honey-jasmine notes and a touch of fruitiness, against a deep and beautiful base of tea.”

Sorry, but I had to play the wine-tasting game…you know where you try and impress your other half with your amazingly sensitive and refined palate, declaring the wine to taste like ‘blackberry and licorice,’ only to read the tasting notes that proclaim it’s actually ‘peach and wet dog,’ or some such…? Yeah, that’s me.

Anyway, all of Pacifica’s perfumes are made with essential oils and naturally derived fragrances in a coconut wax and organic soy base. The staying power seems pretty good to me, but it’s so handy and portable you could easily touch-up during the day. I will be popping this in my purse and using it at work, for sure.

Have you tried any of the other scents? In the store I tried Guava (too sweet) and a few others, but the vanilla one seemed like the best ‘every-day’ scent.

BONUS: If you sign up for email at Pacifica’s website you will be sent a coupon for a free ‘lip quench’ when you spend $25.00. Just click here to get to the website.

Stay tuned! I have a lot of cool reviews to come this weekend, with my Petit Vour September review and a Fall Favorites (thus far) post!