Festive Nails: Mineral Fusion Nail Polish in “Brilliant” Review!

Hey all!

First off, a big hello to my new followers! I’ve been blessed with a little flurry of newcomers to my site, and I’m just thrilled you could join me 🙂 I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

And how was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I have to say, after three days of eating, drinking, and eating some more (no leftovers – except for cranberry sauce…does anyone EVER use up all the cranberry sauce??) I’m now ready for…CHRISTMAS! Honestly, I love Christmas – not so much the shopping and so on, but the good fellow feeling of Christmas; the idea that on Christmas day so many people, whether religious or not, are focusing on family and having a good time, rather than work and the usual every day worries that consume us. I personally am not religious, but being from England I’ve been raised to cherish the rituals that surround Christmas, from the tree-buying to the hot-chocolate drinking to the carol singing. I can’t wait!

And to get in the festive spirit I’ve been wearing lots of glittery nail polishes recently. Yes, they’re a drag to remove, but so worth it! I’ve recently been dabbling with the Mineral Fusion brand, and I must say I am in love with the formula. I used to be a big Essie fan, but compared to that brand MF polishes are so thick that you only need one coat –  a great time saver. I bought two recently, a raspberry pink with tiny silver sparkles (“Brilliant”) and a dark blue-black with green chunks of glitter called “Galaxy.” I’ll leave the latter for another day, as I don’t have a picture of it yet.

Here’s a picture of one coat of “Brilliant.” One coat is all you need because the formula is so thick and opaque. The brush is also very wide and thick, which I personally like.


Some people don’t like wearing pink, but I’m pale and cool-toned and I always think pink is a great color on those with pale skin. Plus, it’s such a happy festive color – perfect for the holiday season. I also love that it’s not too Barbie-pink – it’s got a nice undertone of violet so in most lights it’s quite raspberry colored. And the shimmery sparkles are lovely; not too overdone.

Mineral Fusion nail polishes are 5-free and available at Whole Foods and Sprouts…I’m not sure where else, but I’ve heard they’re exclusive to these stores, or you can buy them for $7.99 online at the Mineral Fusion website.  I bought this one for $5.00 as part of a deal at Sprouts last week, which I think is still going on…

Have you tried any Mineral Fusion nail polishes? What did you think?

Liv 🙂


Angels & Demons Pt.1 – A ‘Dream’ Highlighter and a ‘Bloody’ Nail Polish!

Angels and Demons

It’s Halloween! And it’s time to play “Angels & Demons” (a game I just invented).

Over the next few days I’m gonna post an ‘angelic’ product review and a, well, not-so-angelic product review. So whether you’re feeling nice or naughty, like dishing out candy to trick or treaters, or slamming the door in their cute little button-nosed faces, there will be something here for you.

First up, our ‘angelic’ product. Bring on the harps.

Pacifica coconut

This little beauty (carpet notwithstanding) is the gorgeous Pacifica trio of highlighters: Coconut Multiples ($14.00) the colors are (from left) a sort of rosy-brown bronzer (“bronzed”) a gorgeous orchid pink (“island pink”) and a white shimmer (“moonlit”) all packaged in a box with a handy magnetic lid, for easy closing. They smell vaguely coconutty, which makes sense, as a key ingredient is coconut oil, along with Vitamin E, and safflower oil.

I bought this due to rave reviews on pretty much every beauty website, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although Pacifica boasts that you can wear these colors on your lips, eyes, or cheeks, these are really just highlighters. I tried it on my lips – er, no! On my eyes it didn’t have enough pigment (although the white one worked pretty well) and you’d really have to layer the color.

But as highlighters, they really work. Swipe “moonlit” under brows and above your cupid’s bow, and buff in the bronzer or the pink over or instead of blush for a beautiful glow.


Now, let’s take a look at the “demon.”


This little beauty is perfect for a Halloween manicure, but also as a fall color in general. In fact, it’s so fall appropriate I was surprised to learn that the color launched as part of a “1970s summer” collection. Weird!

Anyway, here I am, holding Floss Gloss’s Pro Nail Lacquer in the memorable shade, “Blood, Suede, and Tears.” ($8.00) The product is 3-free and cruelty free.

In the bottle, this nail polish appears to be a light chocolate brown.

I’m not gonna lie – it’s the color of poop.

But, like witchy magic, when you paint your nails with it, it transforms into a dark chocolate syrup color. And after two coats it looks like…


Yes, folks, this really is the exact color of blood!

And yet it’s weirdly gorgeous! It’s such an unusual shade, and I’ve had so many compliments on it. As you can see, it’s quite dark after two coats, and could easily be mistaken for a deep red, or even black. But nope – it’s definitely brown. In fact, on Floss Gloss’s website  (possibly the most hipster website I’ve ever visited) it’s described as “Blood Orange Brown.”

If you’re looking for an unusual, get-noticed, shade for fall, this is your lucky day. It might not sound appealing, but it really looks gorgeous. My photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s glossy and rich and just fantastic.

So, there we have it. Whatever your mood, there’s a green beauty product calling your name.

As per usual. Sigh – it’s a wonder I have any money left.

On which note, Sprouts is having a 25% off all personal care items sale this week, and I got to stock up on my beloved Pacific “Island Vanilla” solid perfume. 

Have a nice dress-up-at-work day tomorrow. My racoon costume is ready to go…

Liv 🙂