W3LL People Altruist Satin Mineral Foundation Review!

I have to admit that for me dipping a toe into the world of foundation powders was a huge ‘green beauty’ step. Maybe I even deserve some kind of beauty bravery medal?! (note: Liv is being intentionally shallow and glib for comic effect).

The truth is that since I was a teenager experimenting with Covergirl pressed foundation powders (remember those? invariably cracked when bought, with the tiniest little mirror ever) powder and I have not been friends. I know, I know – cue tiniest ever violin playing. But I do feel like I’m missing out. Perhaps it’s because my skin tends to dryness, but powder always seems to leave a fine layer on my skin that looks ‘dusty’ (for want of a better description) and just kind of fake.

I won’t say that W3LL People Altruist Satin Mineral Foundation ($31.50) has changed my feelings about powders. I will say that it’s the best of the bunch I have tried (although I do love Bare Minerals’ translucents).

My second bb medal (is this a thing now? Can I create a hashtag for it?) is awarded for buying the lightest shade ‘fair pink’ sight unseen; no testers. I was pretty confident that this would be my shade, seeing as my nickname at school was ghost-face. However, it may have been a tad light, even for me. I’m not sure if this is why it doesn’t look as perfect on my skin as I’d hoped, or because the finely-milled texture is actually a bit thicker than I was looking for. However, unless I apply it sparingly, it does look a bit ‘caked on.’ Smooth going on? Yes. Good and even coverage? Yes. I just can’t load up the brush the way I do with translucent powder. Perhaps I need to buff more? People tell me it’s all about the buffing..so I’ll keep experimenting. Right now, though, I tend to rely more on my Yes to Grapefruit CC cream than I do this.

Anyway, here’s some info. from W3LL People’s website. And I will sail past the description of its formula as “supernatural” with nary a flicker of eyelid.

“The next generation mineral foundation for those with good intentions. Altruist instantly creates more radiant and healthy looking skin with weightless, flawless coverage in complexion perfect tones. The satin-like, supernatural formula moves and breathes with skin thanks to feather-light, triple-milled pigments that feel creamy smooth, with no creasing. Organic aloe nourishes and rejuvenates skin while zinc and titanium protect against environmental damage.

FREE FROM: Artificial preservatives, parabens, chemicals, dyes, fragrance, silicone, dimethicone, pthalates, sulphates, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, nanoparticles and bad mojo. Made in USA with love. Not tested on animals or robots”


Weekend-Worthy: Beauty Treats, Good Eats, and More I’m Loving This Week!

Hi Friends,

Here’s my weekly round-up of worthy treats, eats, and more. And I’ve added a new category: stuff I’d happily throw onto the reject pile of life (‘cos we all need a grumble now and then).


1. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub ($9.95)


For wintry dry lips I’ve really been enjoying this soda-pop-pink sugar lip scrub that tastes like cotton candy. It’s good for lips, but I wouldn’t recommend eating it, despite the sugary goodness! I also use this on my nails to smooth away nail-polish stains and dryness. A bit pricey, yes, but I’m addicted to Lush’s ‘sweet’ range (including their Christmas ‘Snow Fairy’ shower gel…yum!)

2. ‘Life On Mars’ T.V Show (British version)

For ages and ages people kept telling me, ‘oh, you must watch Life on Mars, it’s so amazing!’ To me the premise sounded kind of dumb: Sam, a present-day cop, is hit by a car and wakes up in Manchester, 1973. He has to figure out if he’s in a coma, or really back in time, and how he can get back. When I finally got around to watching the show though (on Hulu Plus I believe it was) I was blown away by how it got to me emotionally…tackling themes of family, justice, and what’s worth fighting for, it’s hard-hitting in every way, surprisingly nostalgic and sentimental, funny, and the acting is top-notch, particularly from Philip Glenister playing the foul-mouthed yet strangely lovable ‘Gov.’ The final episode had me bawling (no spoilers!) and it’s still stuck in my mind, rather like the David Bowie music woven through the series. The show was so successful in the U.K it spawned an equally successful spin-off series, “Ashes to Ashes.”

Please note, this show isn’t to be confused with the truly terrible U.S. version, the ending of which was so comical it might just win worst final episode of all time (Sam wakes up from a coma to find himself on a spaceship. It was all a virtual reality game gone awry. I kid you not – that’s the actual ending).

3. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Bar with Caramel and Black Sea Salt ($1.99)

It’s 70% cacao, gluten-free, and amazingly delicious. Not to mention the cute packaging. What’s not to love here?

dark chocolate

4. One more beauty find for you. I’m really enjoying the fall color and smooth glossy goodness of Juice Beauty’s Reflecting Lipgloss in “Fig.” ($14.99). I wish it had a bit more staying power, but I suppose glosses aren’t designed to stick around forever (no pun intended). The color is gorgeous – a sort of raisiny-caramel-orange, with some shimmer. It feels very moisturizing too, due to the sesame oil:

  • Organic blueberry, raspberry, acai and goji berries provide beautiful, antioxidant and omega-rich pigments that protects the lips from signs of aging.
  • Organic sesame seed oil hydrates and conditions the lips.
  • Natural mineral reflectors provide a rich shimmer.
  • Vitamin E restores, heals and repairs the lips.
  • Organic agave and sweet orange natural sweeteners provide great aromas.


O.K, now for my reject-list. Here are the things I am so OVER this week!!!

1. Kim Kardashian’s bum.

I don’t care, O.K? And moreover…I don’t care.

2. Coffee.

I think it gives me headaches, it makes me anxious, and when I drink it by the end of the day I feel exhausted due to the crash. Lord, I love it, but I know it does me wrong…I’ll have to buy some decaf.

3. People who don’t care (unless it’s about Kim’s bum).

It really makes me a grumpy person when people either don’t care or pretend not to care about important things happening in the world, be they political or social justice issues. Is it bravado? Is it narcissism? I’m a positive person who tends to see the good in most people, so it angers me. Erm, is that a paradox?

4. Women’s magazines.

I used to read them, but since switching to green beauty they hold less and less appeal for me. The last one I read had an article in which a respected beauty authority talked about how she only had faith in beauty products full of chemicals “because they’re the ones that work.” I didn’t throw the mag. across the room, but I felt like it!

Enough of my whining. Now, go have an awesome weekend!!


Red Apple Lipstick Review and Swatches!

UPDATE: If you register today for Red Apple’s Christmas sale you will receive BOGO!! Here’s the facebook invite/link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=734914099920717. Very tempted but…must…resist…money…necessary…

There’s been a ton of buzz around the Red Apple Lipstick brand, and rightly so. Sometimes these things are just hype, but sometimes it’s because the product is actually awesome! And that is the case with these lipsticks 🙂

Red Apple Lipsticks are gluten free, vegan, and paraben free, and contain moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil. The formula is different per lipstick, but they are all super pigmented, long-lasting, and feel creamy and moisturizing on. I’m not sure if the brand has caught on beyond the green beauty world, but if not it’s probably just a matter of time.

I bought three of their lipsticks as part of their ‘buy two get one half-off’ deal.

My color choices were Love My Kiss, Push Pop, and Boys ‘N Berries. Let’s take a look! Here are the tubes, and a swatch…

red apple lipsticks

lipstick swatch

And here are the three colors on my lips (which are naturally quite pigmented). I was careful about the light here, and these are as true as I can get, color-wise.

PicMonkey Collage

Love My Kiss is the classic “my lips but better” color, and is the most wearable every-day shade. It’s a medium pinky-red, and I LOVE it. It’s creamy and very pigmented with a slight shimmer. I’ve had some compliments on this one!

Push Pop is quite a bold peach shade, with a lot of shimmer. I think I’d wear this more in summer/spring, but I love how it’s not too orange – more of a cantaloupe.

Boys ‘N Berries is my favorite formula-wise. It goes on more slick than the other two (maybe because one of the ingredients is olive oil?) and feels almost like a Maybelline lip butter, but with more pigment. It’s a gorgeous pink-mauve color, with silver sparkles. The sparkles are not overwhelming, but just right. I’ve been wearing this a lot, as it goes well with my newly purpleized hair, and it’s also perfect for fall. I also really love the smell – this is the only one that is scented, and (to my mind at least) it actually smells of berries!

With my cool skin tone, my favorite two are Love My Kiss and Boys ‘N Berries, but I think Push Pop will get more wear in the warmer months, and when my hair switches back to brown!

Which is your favorite? Have you tried any Red Apple Lippies yet, and if so, which ones are your favorites?

Liv 🙂