DIY Orange and Clove Pomander for Xmas!

I have such fond memories of making these yummy smelling orange and clove pomanders when I was a kid. They’re an English tradition, and I can’t think of anything that smells more Christmassy.

Simply take an orange and stud it with whole cloves. You can arrange the cloves in a pattern or simply dot them around  the orange.

For children, you can take it a step further. Traditionally, we would put four cocktail sticks or toothpicks in the orange and spear them with jelly candies. We would then wrap a red ribbon around the middle of the orange, and present them as gifts to the kids.

I know this isn’t beauty related, but I’m feeling nostalgic, sipping some cocoa, and wanted to share with you a really easy Christmassy DIY! Enjoy đŸ™‚