DIY Soothing Chai-Tea Face Bath!

No need for my usual Minimal Makeup Monday Tag today as I was home all day, sick! (sniff). Sore of throat and drippy of nose, I scoured the internet for a natural cold remedy. I found a number of sites raving about the benefits of a ginger or eucalyptus face steam (or ‘bath’ which sounds a bit more hip, doesn’t it?) which helps with headaches and congested noses. Side benefit: great for your skin too!

Unfortunately, I am a normal person, and don’t always happen to have on hand the ingredients required for these spur of the moment larks (in this case specific essential oils or ginger) so I improvised…and came up with a winner!

Because what I did have in the cupboard was a box of Chai Tea teabags (courtesy of Trader Joe’s). I plopped two of these in a sink full of boiling hot water (it has to be boiling), bent over, covered my head with a towel not unlike Ford Prefect in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy,” and breathed in deeply..


I was hit with the lovely aroma of ginger, cloves, star anise and pepper. The ginger and pepper really cleared out the old airways, and also helped alleviate my headache. A bit more internet research, and I discovered that pepper is actually a natural remedy for headaches…

I’m a DIY genius!!!




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