Minimal Makeup Monday!

Minimal Makeup MondaysHello!

It’s minimal makeup Monday! I went the extra mile this Monday, and didn’t even redo my old scraggily nailpolish, and, I jest not, the sky did not come crashing down, nor did the world implode!

Sometimes I do this magical thinking thing whereby if I’m all dolled up on Monday; nails done, makeup done, perfume on, etc. I imagine that the day will go better. That maybe I’ll have that extra boost of confidence required to get me through the day.

Ironically, today I had one of the best teaching days ever – maybe I was compensating for the lack of makeup! Two mini break-throughs with two challenging students! It just goes to show how confidence truly is a state of mind, and how we can use makeup and the routines and rituals that accompany it as something of a crutch or safety net.

But I’m here to tell you, you don’t need it!
Anyway, here’s the picture of my minimal makeup-less self. It ain’t pretty…ugh.


Here I am at the end of a long (and windswept!) day wearing Yes to Grapefruit CC cream, some mascara, and a teeny-tiny touch of eyeliner. Can I just say that it’s tough for me to put myself out there in a definitely non-flattering photo?!

If you’re feeling brave (dare I say inspired?) please consider yourself tagged and/or tag others, and/or join me on my quest to challenge the assumption that women always need to look pretty and put-together to have a great day. At least on Mondays 😉 You can even email your picture to to go on my website, or follow me on Twitter and use the hashtag #minimalmakeupmondays

Have an awesome Tuesday, makeup or no, and be sure to check back soon for my Red Apple lipsticks review and a Zion Health review…

Liv 🙂



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