DIY Coco-Glow Sugar Scrub Recipe!

Hi Friends,

Last night I had a terrible case of insomnia…my mind was whirling round work-related topics (I’m a teacher), lesson plans, and my current challenge as a department head – creating more of a reading culture at our school. I’ve also been feeling a bit nostalgic lately about England, my home country where my family still lives. Sometimes I just really miss them, you know? My hubby, by the way, sleeps like a baby no matter what’s going on in our lives, and is there anything more annoying for an insomniac than to be married to someone who could sleep through the zombie apocalypse?

Anyway, I decided to take a shower, but felt in need of something skin-comforting and lavender scented, so I quickly whipped up this coco-glow sugar scrub, which left my skin feeling soft and really glowing! No oil makes your skin glow the way coconut oil does, in my opinion 🙂

It’s super-duper easy to make, and I used an old Lush container and a recycled Yogurtland spoon to mix this little baby together:

1) Spoon coconut oil into container.

coconut scrub

2) Pour in about 3-4tbsp organic white or brown sugar (I use raw cane sugar). Sugar is actually an anti-bacterial, literally ‘eating’ the bacteria, so this is a great ingredient if you have any issues with oily skin or clogged pores. On top of this squirt about 1 tbsp of organic honey. More if you like. Honey is a great skin softener. Note: if you are vegan and don’t eat honey, you could definitely substitute agave nectar, which is anti-bacterial and prized for its anti-aging properties.

coconut scrub honey

3) Add 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil. This is both skin softening, and the most relaxing scent for sleepless nights. Of course, you can use a different essential oil if you like. If you’d like something more energizing, try grapefruit or any citrus oil. For a sensual scrub try jasmine, rose, neroli, or ylang ylang, and if you’re in need of grounding try geranium, or warm musky oils like sandalwood. Or be adventurous and mix them!

coconut scrub lavender

4) Stir with spoon!!

5) Slather all over yourself in the shower, and rinse off for baby soft skin that smells faintly of lavender.

I finally drifted off to sleep…after pulling the duvet covers off the hubster and keeping them all to myself 🙂 And the clocks went back, so I got the extra hour I desperately needed!
Do you have any good insomnia cures? For me, lavender and geranium scents work really well, but I’ve also heard that warm and earthy scents like clove can work well too.

Have a great start to November!

Liv 🙂



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