Angels & Demons Pt. 2: A Heavenly Candle, ‘Dr. Jekyll’ Eyeshadow, & A Heartwarming Halloween Story…

Angels and Demons

Hi Friends!

So today I wore my racoon costume (if you’ve been following the saga, you’ll know my grievances on this score) and actually had a blast. Last year the entire school dressed up; this year just a few, so it was kind of fun being one of the few teachers in ‘proper’ Halloween garb.

In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day. I’ll be honest with you, the past few weeks haven’t been the easiest for me. I’ve felt kind of…disconnected from things. From my purpose as a teacher, for one. And just tired and overwhelmed. But today I just felt warm and fuzzy. I’d organized a Halloween ‘found poetry’ contest, and it was so wonderful seeing kids around tables actually talking about language rather than the latest video game.

And onto the heartwarming story…

One of our younger students had organized a haunted house event in the staff lounge, with her and some teachers jumping out from behind curtains and under tables to scare people.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t really publicized, so no one went. Cue tears! This poor kid was really upset, having poured her heart and soul into creating the event. Myself and a couple of other teachers tried to comfort her, to no avail. I felt horribly grown-up, trying to help her ‘learn the lesson’ that things don’t always work out as we planned, and that trying is the important thing.

Which is BS, right?

Anyway, a colleague of mine swung into action, and was all, ‘let’s do this thing right now!’ So we postponed the kids’ classes and trooped them all to the staff lounge, and we had a glorious take two. And the student, though reluctant at first, was thrilled!

What’s the moral of the story? Maybe give things another whirl, even when you feel defeated. And trust in those who care about you to rally round. And don’t sulk! I’m a terrible sulker, but this kid pulled herself out of her misery and was willing to give it another shot. Inspiration…from an eleven year old 🙂

Right, enough with the sentimentality. Time for some reviews!

For my ‘angel’ product, I cheated a bit because it’s not a beauty product…it’s a candle. BUT WHAT A CANDLE!


This is the geranium scented Mrs Meyer’s candle, which I bought at Target for approx $6.00.

People seem to either love candles or not really care about them. I’ve always been in the latter category…until now. For way less than those ridiculous $30.00 candles I’ve seen advertised, you can bathe your whole room in a delicious, and natural, scent. I have this by my bed, and it doesn’t even need to be lit to ‘scentify’ the room. I’ve mentioned it before in a post, but wanted to give it its full due now.

Funnily enough, I was sniffing those Glade candles in the store and then realized something: I can’t stand artificial fragrances anymore! I have a few products left over from my pre-Green days, and I literally feel a bit queasy now when I smell them. Both a blessing and a curse!

Anyway, I really recommend this candle. Buy three! One for the bedroom, one for the bathroom, and one for the living room.

They have other scents too, but I just adore geranium.

Now for the ‘demon’ product. It’s another product I love, but it’s got a dark side…Lunatick Cosmetic Lab’s Eyeshadow in the shade “Dr. Jekyll.” ($12.00)

Here’s a photo of the product and a swatch of it on my arm:


As you can see, this is quite shimmery! It’s a bronze-gold finely milled powder with silver sparkles, and it’s just a beautiful color for fall. It reminds me of the color of fallen leaves, and although it looks fairly light in the jar, it goes on pretty dark. I wish the staying power were a bit better, but it’s an all-natural product, cruelty-free, vegan, and talc-free.

And right now until the end of the month (erm, tomorrow!) you get a free product with any purchase. Nice! Visit and check out their marvelously Halloweeny homepage!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my last Angels & Demons post. I have a Petit Vour review coming up soon as well…

Have a great Halloween!

Liv 🙂


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