Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, October 2014 Review!

Oh, happy days! My “Vegan Cuts” Beauty Box arrived yesterday!

vegan cuts

There were lots of curly paper shavings in the box as packing, but I threw ’em away. I also, accidentally, threw away the info. card. What’s wrong with me?!

I’ve really been enjoying Vegan Cuts (though not quite as much as Petit Vour). This is only my second box, but I’ve already fallen in love with one of the products: the Quiet Mind Serum by Lotus Wei. This is a facial/body serum chock-full of exotic sounding ingredients such as ‘gem essence of Kyanite,’ and ‘hand-collected flower essences of Bird of Paradise.’ It’s like reading a lost verse from Kubla-Khan. The dominant scent, however, is geranium, and it’s pungent stuff. Although ostensibly for your face you can also wear it as a perfume or rub it on your décolleté. It’s basically like wearing an essential oil, as it’s very strong smelling, but I love that. The scent is so calm and relaxing, I’ve been wearing it before bed and sleeping like a dream. I even take it to work for those stressful moments. I’ll definitely be repurchasing. My 10 ml sample is worth $10.00 so it’s pricey…but worth it!

quiet mind I was less excited by the rest of the box. I’m curious to try the Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer, but not too stoked about the brown shade.

I quite like Lovinah’s Coffee Bean-illa Detox Body Scrub, but the coffee smell is a bit pungent.

Lastly, the cute pink bag contains a travel kit of skincare minis from the Hylunia brand. I’m saving these for a trip to England around Christmas time, but the all-important sniff test rendered me unimpressed…no scent, and I like my scents! Nice to try out a whole range from a brand though.



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