Perfect Fall ‘Lip Butter’ – Mineral Fusion Lip Tint in Smolder

Ahh, the days are getting cooler, the leaves are turning brown, and a kindly real estate agent left a pumpkin on our front door step instead of the ubiquitous magnetic notepad. Fine days indeed!

In summer I rarely wear lip color; usually just a tinted balm, or nothing at all. But in fall I feel like I want to ‘stand out’ a bit more, plus the chilly weather allows me to experiment with darker colors. My favorite spring color is peach, but my favorite fall color is a cherry-red, which complements my pale skin. I have a beautiful and long-lasting one from “Bite” but it’s a little dry. My go-to brand before my toxic make-up cull was a Revlon lip butter, in any reddish shade. But now those are out of the window, what to do?

Well, I found an alternative lip butter today! It’s a ‘sheer moisture lip tint’ by Mineral Fusion, a company of which I’ve heard many good things, in the gorgeous cherry shade, Smolder.

I would definitely not call this is a ‘sheer lip tint.’ In fact, it’s the closest all-natural alternative to the Revlon (or Maybelline) lip butters I’ve found. It’s pigmented, but glides on smoothly, and has that ‘buttery’ gloss that is neither sheer nor sticky. It’s also long-lasting, leaving a red stain on my lips even after the gloss has worn off.

And the color is GORGEOUS. It’s not really a cherry-red. It’s more like a light red with just a touch of orange. It smells like vanilla-mint, and I’m officially in love. It’s much brighter and lighter than the picture below captures.

If you want to buy, click the link to find it on sale at Amazon…I got mine at Target for the full retail price of $9.99.

Now bring on the scarves and the fluffy boots; I’m ready for fall!



P.S – Shea Terra Organics has a 30% off code: oct2014 (ending October 30). I soooo want these:

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