My Natural Skincare Routine Post-Ditch-and-Switch…

It’s been about two months since I ditched chemical-laden beauty products (check out my ‘Why’ page to learn more about this) and switched to all-natural (or mostly natural) products instead. Do I see a difference in my skin??

I wrote a post early on in which I mourned the loss of my Oil of Olay Nighttime Regenerist cream. Now I laugh at that post…

I’ve always been pretty lucky with my skin. At 34 I don’t have tons of wrinkles, and have never had to worry about acne. My skin tends more towards dryness, so my skincare routine reflects that…and I can honestly say my skin has never looked better since I started using all-natural products. This is my basic skincare routine:

Weekday Mornings

“Yes To Grapefruit” Facial Scrub (applied in shower) Smells gorgeous and really wakes you up with its bright fruity-candy scent.

Trader Joe’s Antioxidant Facial Serum (applied in shower. I wrote a post recently about how amazingly soft your skin will be if you apply serum to wet skin, and then just let it air dry. It’s just quicker/easier for me to do this in the shower).

“Yes to Cucumbers” moisturizer (smells DIVINE, and neither too thick nor thin to apply before make-up)

Body – Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya Body Lotion. Bliss!

Weekday Evenings

Face – I remove make-up with a “Yes to Cucumbers” facial wipe (I also love the Blum brand, which I can usually find at T.J.Maxx – a store with an unlikely treasure trove of natural beauty products) and then apply either my beloved Jojoba oil, or if my skin feels really dry and tight, Argan oil. Neither seem to clog pores, and both leave my skin soft in the mornings…even more so than any night cream I’ve ever tried. The jojoba oil has cleared up the redness around my nose, so if you ever have that issue I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

If I want to use a toner I just use cold fresh-brewed tea, such as green tea, swiped on a cotton ball. My skin drinks in all those antioxidants!

Body – if my skin feels dry I’ll slather on Trader Joe’s 100% pure organic coconut oil. I always worried this would smell oily and gross, but it smells just like coconuts and is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used on my skin. I occasionally use this on my face too, if my skin feels extra dry, by adding a few drops to my daily moisturizer. This also adds a nice glow.


Weekends I have a bit more time, so I’ll typically use a face mask or ‘posh’ face scrub. I have two scrubs I’m experimenting with right now. Root Science RS Organic Facial Scub (see my own review) which works great, and also the lime-scented Derma E Microdermabrasion scrub, which is NOT for daily use as it’s quite intense. I like both, although I’ve also tried adding sugar to coconut oil and using that, and it honestly works just as well 🙂

I’m still using the Wild Honey Apothecary pumpkin and chocolate face mask, and I like that just fine (I also reviewed that a week or so ago).

I love, love, love anything aromatherapy, so my Sunday night bath has become the place to experiment with essential oils. I generally sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bath and light the BEST aromatherapy candle I’ve ever used: Mrs. Meyers Soy-Based Candle in Geranium. It’s all natural, with pure essential oils, and it floods the room in scent (even when unlit!) I bought mine at Target…of course, where else?!

Geranium is a ‘balancing’ oil, helping to calm and soothe without making you too drowsy. For me, it’s the perfect ‘night before work’ scent. Plus it smells like roses, but quite as sweet and cloying…yum.

Well, friends, that’s basically it. And what have I learned so far on this journey? Well, fun as it is to buy and try ‘luxury’ skincare products, it’s really just as effective using cheaper oils and making stuff yourself. Remember my post about the bought pumpkin mask versus my DIY one? My DIY one was just as nice.

I’ll still enjoy sampling new products and trying out new stuff, but here’s the overall take-away: that elusive search for the ‘perfect’ beauty product? Guess what? It doesn’t exist!! It’s mostly just hype and hot water, and so my reason for enjoying new products (and reviewing them) is more about finding products that work and have that something extra – like a gorgeous scent. There really is a limit to how effective a product can be, and honestly, there are no products out there more effective than the purest: i.e. coconut oil. I’ve tried those fancy schmancy creams that have tons of scientific sounding ingredients that promise to ‘erase’ wrinkles and other such nonsense. Truth is, my skin’s been better since quitting all that stuff…

OK, enough proselytizing!!


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