Angels & Demons Pt. 2: A Heavenly Candle, ‘Dr. Jekyll’ Eyeshadow, & A Heartwarming Halloween Story…

Angels and Demons

Hi Friends!

So today I wore my racoon costume (if you’ve been following the saga, you’ll know my grievances on this score) and actually had a blast. Last year the entire school dressed up; this year just a few, so it was kind of fun being one of the few teachers in ‘proper’ Halloween garb.

In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day. I’ll be honest with you, the past few weeks haven’t been the easiest for me. I’ve felt kind of…disconnected from things. From my purpose as a teacher, for one. And just tired and overwhelmed. But today I just felt warm and fuzzy. I’d organized a Halloween ‘found poetry’ contest, and it was so wonderful seeing kids around tables actually talking about language rather than the latest video game.

And onto the heartwarming story…

One of our younger students had organized a haunted house event in the staff lounge, with her and some teachers jumping out from behind curtains and under tables to scare people.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t really publicized, so no one went. Cue tears! This poor kid was really upset, having poured her heart and soul into creating the event. Myself and a couple of other teachers tried to comfort her, to no avail. I felt horribly grown-up, trying to help her ‘learn the lesson’ that things don’t always work out as we planned, and that trying is the important thing.

Which is BS, right?

Anyway, a colleague of mine swung into action, and was all, ‘let’s do this thing right now!’ So we postponed the kids’ classes and trooped them all to the staff lounge, and we had a glorious take two. And the student, though reluctant at first, was thrilled!

What’s the moral of the story? Maybe give things another whirl, even when you feel defeated. And trust in those who care about you to rally round. And don’t sulk! I’m a terrible sulker, but this kid pulled herself out of her misery and was willing to give it another shot. Inspiration…from an eleven year old ūüôā

Right, enough with the sentimentality. Time for some reviews!

For my ‘angel’ product, I cheated a bit because it’s not a beauty product…it’s a candle. BUT WHAT A CANDLE!


This is the geranium scented Mrs Meyer’s candle, which I bought at Target for approx $6.00.

People seem to either love candles or not really care about them. I’ve always been in the latter category…until now. For way less than those ridiculous $30.00 candles I’ve seen advertised, you can bathe your whole room in a delicious, and natural, scent. I have this by my bed, and it doesn’t even need to be lit to ‘scentify’ the room. I’ve mentioned it before in a post, but wanted to give it its full due now.

Funnily enough, I was sniffing those Glade candles in the store and then realized something: I can’t stand artificial fragrances anymore! I have a few products left over from my pre-Green days, and I literally feel a bit queasy now when I smell them. Both a blessing and a curse!

Anyway, I really recommend this candle. Buy three! One for the bedroom, one for the bathroom, and one for the living room.

They have other scents too, but I just adore geranium.

Now for the ‘demon’ product. It’s another product I love, but it’s got a dark side…Lunatick Cosmetic Lab’s Eyeshadow in the shade “Dr. Jekyll.” ($12.00)

Here’s a photo of the product and a swatch of it on my arm:


As you can see, this is quite shimmery! It’s a bronze-gold finely milled powder with silver sparkles, and it’s just a beautiful color for fall. It reminds me of the color of fallen leaves, and although it looks fairly light in the jar, it goes on pretty dark. I wish the staying power were a bit better, but it’s an all-natural product, cruelty-free, vegan, and talc-free.

And right now until the end of the month (erm, tomorrow!) you get a free product with any purchase. Nice! Visit and check out their marvelously Halloweeny homepage!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my last Angels & Demons post. I have a Petit Vour review coming up soon as well…

Have a great Halloween!

Liv ūüôā


Angels & Demons Pt.1 – A ‘Dream’ Highlighter and a ‘Bloody’ Nail Polish!

Angels and Demons

It’s Halloween! And it’s time to play “Angels & Demons” (a game I just invented).

Over the next few days I’m gonna post an ‘angelic’ product review and a, well, not-so-angelic product review. So whether you’re feeling nice or naughty, like dishing out candy to trick or treaters, or slamming the door in their cute little button-nosed faces, there will be something here for you.

First up, our ‘angelic’ product. Bring on the harps.

Pacifica coconut

This little beauty (carpet notwithstanding) is the gorgeous Pacifica trio of highlighters: Coconut Multiples ($14.00) the colors are (from left) a sort of rosy-brown bronzer (“bronzed”) a gorgeous orchid pink (“island pink”) and a white shimmer (“moonlit”) all packaged in a box with a handy magnetic lid, for easy closing. They smell vaguely coconutty, which makes sense, as a key ingredient is coconut oil, along with Vitamin E, and safflower oil.

I bought this due to rave reviews on pretty much every beauty website, and I wasn’t disappointed. Although Pacifica boasts that you can wear these colors on your lips, eyes, or cheeks, these are really just highlighters. I tried it on my lips – er, no! On my eyes it didn’t have enough pigment (although the white one worked pretty well) and you’d really have to layer the color.

But as highlighters, they really work. Swipe “moonlit” under brows and above your cupid’s bow, and buff in the bronzer or the pink over or instead of blush for a beautiful glow.


Now, let’s take a look at the “demon.”


This little beauty is perfect for a Halloween manicure, but also as a fall color in general. In fact, it’s so fall appropriate I was surprised to learn that the color launched as part of a “1970s summer” collection. Weird!

Anyway, here I am, holding Floss Gloss’s Pro Nail Lacquer in the memorable shade, “Blood, Suede, and Tears.” ($8.00) The product is 3-free and cruelty free.

In the bottle, this nail polish appears to be a light chocolate brown.

I’m not gonna lie – it’s the color of poop.

But, like witchy magic, when you paint your nails with it, it transforms into a dark chocolate syrup color. And after two coats it looks like…


Yes, folks, this really is the exact color of blood!

And yet it’s weirdly gorgeous! It’s such an unusual shade, and I’ve had so many compliments on it. As you can see, it’s quite dark after two coats, and could easily be mistaken for a deep red, or even black. But nope – it’s definitely brown. In fact, on Floss Gloss’s website¬† (possibly the most hipster website I’ve ever visited) it’s described as “Blood Orange Brown.”

If you’re looking for an unusual, get-noticed, shade for fall, this is your lucky day. It might not sound appealing, but it really looks gorgeous. My photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s glossy and rich and just fantastic.

So, there we have it. Whatever your mood, there’s a green beauty product calling your name.

As per usual. Sigh – it’s a wonder I have any money left.

On which note, Sprouts is having a 25% off all personal care items sale this week, and I got to stock up on my beloved Pacific “Island Vanilla” solid perfume.¬†

Have a nice dress-up-at-work day tomorrow. My racoon costume is ready to go…

Liv ūüôā

This Halloween, I’ve Been Forced to Dress As A Racoon.


I have a confession to make. I don’t love Halloween.

I know. Crazy, no? I mean, who doesn’t LOVE Halloween? Well, to be more specific, what I really don’t like is dressing up for Halloween…

halloween funny

The truth is, I’m just sick and tired of Halloween costumes…for women. Why is it that men get to dress like this?

bacon costume

Whilst women have to wear costumes like this:

gretchen costume

I say ‘have’ to – of course, it’s a choice. But I spent this weekend browsing the costume aisles at my local Halloween store and to say there was a dearth of non-sexy costume choices is an understatement. Those that are, let’s say, less revealing, go to the other extreme…wanna go to a Halloween party dressed as a giant bumblebee? No, me neither.

In the end, I found ONE costume for teen girls which is neither ‘slutty’ nor ‘blob-inducing.’ It’s a racoon costume. Akkkkk.

So the reason I am dressing as a racoon for Halloween is because I cannot be anything feminine: a pixie, a fairy, an angel or whatever, due to my pixie cut and being petite and overtly ‘feminine’ looking. Let me tell you, I don’t want to be courting harassment disaster. Only the other day a guy wanders over to be in Corner Bakery and asks, ‘what are you dressing up as for Halloween? Tinkerbell?’

Guffaw, guffaw. Funny, right? Er, no! Let’s go with patronizing. Of course, he meant well, but I’m just sick and tired of hearing comments like this, and I certainly don’t want any costume that might make me look ‘cute,’ ‘sweet,’ or ‘like a pixie.’

I guess what I’m saying is that, for women, Halloween seems to be about reducing yourself to a cartoon version of what a woman should look like, OR rebelling against that and wearing some voluminous costume that hides every feminine curve just to avoid predatory eyes or caving to the ‘slutty’ costume trend.

The third option is to make your own costume, but who has the time? Not me! If I was less tired and feeling more creative I would try to come up with something amusing and fun and something that represented ‘me’ but I’m just not feeling it this year.

The fourth option is to don a witch’s hat and cape and look like you don’t really give a damn.

So this year, I’m gonna be a racoon.

A. Racoon.

Have pity on me.

Minimal Makeup Mondays Tag!

Minimal Makeup MondaysHey friends!

I’m so excited to share with you my personal goal/challenge to wear minimal makeup, every Monday. Hopefully, you know me and my site well enough by now to know that I am a bit of a feminist, and one of my reasons for starting this green beauty journey was that I couldn’t stand the thought of all these big cosmetics companies duping us about what’s in our products, and selling us a lie of glamor, health, and happiness knowing all the while that their cosmetics are chock-full of toxic chemicals.¬† Check out my Why page for more on this!

Anyway, I was thinking this weekend….how AMAZING would it be if, for one day a week, we women weren’t all so ‘judgey’ of ourselves and of others? If we weren’t worrying so much about how we looked? If we felt confident enough to ditch the eyeliner and the bronzer, and show off our natural beauty to the world? If we felt more united in our efforts to just, well, look like ourselves?

Everyone’s version of minimal is different, of course. If you wear false lashes every day then just wearing mascara is YOUR minimal. For me, minimal would be not wearing face powder or lipstick or eyeshadow. Take it to your comfort level!

Feeling inspired? Join me every Monday for a month of Minimal Makeup Mondays!! Spread the word; if you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged!

I’ll be posting a piccie of myself with (relatively) bare face each Monday, and will keep you updated as to how it goes, and if I can ever wean myself off of mascara (doubtful).

If you’re feeling brave you can email me a pic of YOU, and I’ll put it on my website! Just email me, along with your name and website if applicable, at:

I really hope you join me, and that together we can drop a pebble in the pool of change…it doesn’t matter how small it is; every ripple counts ūüôā

And here is my Minimal Makeup Monday picture, complete with my beautiful cat, Pudding ūüôā

me minimal

Every Woman Should Learn to Love Art…

First off, I was nominated for a Liebster Award! Woot! However, I need time to construct a half-decent, non-garbled¬†response, so I’m going to save that for another day.

Today I am in a garbling mood, so I’m going to have a little blather…about natural beauty, and how art can inspire us on this front.

Some of you may know that I have another blog. It’s called Dial the Lobster, and it’s about art, life, and philosophical musings. Before I became a teacher I was an art historian, with a PhD and everything (!). I didn’t love¬†it too much,¬†but I do love art, and I still love to write about it.

For women, art can be especially useful. It’s a wonderful antidote to all of those awful air-brushed images of perfect beauty that appear in magazines, not to mention the¬†gorgeously made-up ladies that¬†grace our TV screens. Great artists have a way of¬†capturing a woman’s inner beauty that photography (IMHO) struggles to do – even really good photography. And whilst it’s true that the history of art is generally also a history of the male gaze, I feel that the selection I’m presenting today depicts women in a truthful, sensitive light, compared to many contemporary, ‘promotional’¬†images (and isn’t that half the problem? That¬†so many¬†images of women today are promotional, be¬†they on instagram feeds, or billboards?) So¬†I’m taking a break from product reviews (because I also want this blog to be a support system¬†for women in a more¬†general way)¬†to present to you a few paintings of women who are beautiful in ways which have nothing to do¬†with their ‘outer’ beauty and everything to do with character, strength, grace, vulnerability…in essence, their humanity. If you like this post, let me know…I’m happy to do more like it!

self portrait with monkey

Frida Kahlo “Self-Portrait with Monkey.” I love the bold, almost arrogant gaze Frida projects in the painting. And the monkey suggests a touch of mischief as well.

seated woman with bent knee

Egon Schiele “Seated Woman With Bent Knee.” The title says it all: this isn’t a woman to be ‘adored’ or objectified; this is simply a ‘seated woman’ in control of her own image. I love the contrast of the boldness of her opened legs with her slightly protective, hunched over posture. It captures so well the confusion all women have regarding how we wish to be viewed.


John Singer Sargent “Ena and Betty: Daughters of Asher and Mrs. Wertheimer.” I love the way Sargent captures the haughty elegance of these sisters, and the differences in their personalities. The lady in white seems more extroverted and self-assured than her sister in red, but they both exude quiet confidence and elegance.

young woman with a water pitcher

Johannes Vermeer ‘Young Woman with a Water Pitcher.” Vermeer was a master of light and interior space, but here the young woman is clearly the focus of the scene. Vermeer sought to elevate the humble to a spiritual level, and I think he captures perfectly the grace and beauty of this servant’s devotion to duty, offset by her very natural desire to gaze out the window at the world beyond.


Michelangelo. “Pieta.” Now in the Vatican, this incredible sculpture perfectly captures the sense of loss and grief Mary feels, holding her dead son. Her body verges on the brink of collapse, the body seemingly about to slide from her lap, yet she has the strength to cradle him in her arms for a moment.


Pablo Picasso I love this portrait of Picasso’s model (and lover), Marie, which is sensual in its curviness, yet also portrays Marie as distant and far away from the artist himself; head tilted to one side, eyes closed, as if locked in a private reverie.

woman in a chemise

Pablo Picasso, “Woman In a Chemise.” A very different image here, yet this ghostly woman’s determined face and the stark lines of her body afford her a kind of ‘strength under fire’ beauty which could be consoling in difficult times.

Going Green Tag!

I know, another post! But I’m¬†always up for a discussion about Green Beauty! This tag was created at¬†and I’ve since seen it at a couple of other cool sites, including nontoxiquevoyage and¬†Petitepralines

Thanks guys, for the inspiration!

1. What started it all off for you?

Reading the back of a bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo and not understanding any of the ingredients, and feeling duped. I bought “No More Dirty Looks,” and then there was no turning back. I even wrote an article about toxic beauty for elephantjournal, and after that public statement there was no way I could ever turn back!

2. What was the first thing to go? (Ingredient or product)

Good question! I’m not sure I remember, but I think the first thing I actually threw away was my beloved Johnson’s baby lotion, which I’ve used as a cleanser since forever. Sob – but it was packed with parabens and phtlates and other nasties.

3. What are you/did you struggle to let go of?

My Oil of Olay nighttime regenerist lotion. It worked so well.

4. What has been your best find or change? (i.e a green product or a tip that you’re really glad you’ve found/learnt)

No question, it’s been oils. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. They’re all fantastic.

5. What has been the worst thing about going green? What has been the hardest to transition or find an adequate green replacement of?

I think the hardest thing has been not enjoying Sephora or Ulta anymore. Sometimes I miss those days of browsing the makeup aisles! The hardest product I’m finding to replace is probably mascara. Natural mascaras don’t seem to work as well, unfortunately. Any tips? Also, giving up Birchbox was tough at first, but now I’ve found Petit Vour and Vegan Cuts, I’m sooooo over it!

6. Anything else to add? Any tips or tricks to pass on?

Serums are the business, and you can’t go wrong with essential oils. I love geranium! A couple of drops of coconut oil in your moisturizer will make you glow, and¬†some good every day brands I love: Yes To Carrots, Mineral Fusion, Pacifica, and W3LL People.

I tag OneLostMama!

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, October 2014 Review!

Oh, happy days! My “Vegan Cuts” Beauty Box arrived yesterday!

vegan cuts

There were lots of curly paper shavings in the box as packing, but I threw ’em away. I also, accidentally, threw away the info. card. What’s wrong with me?!

I’ve really been enjoying Vegan Cuts (though not quite as much as Petit Vour). This is only my second box, but I’ve already fallen in love with one of the products: the Quiet Mind Serum by Lotus Wei. This is¬†a facial/body serum chock-full of exotic sounding ingredients such as ‘gem essence of Kyanite,’ and ‘hand-collected flower essences of Bird of Paradise.’ It’s like¬†reading a lost verse from Kubla-Khan. The dominant scent, however, is geranium, and it’s pungent stuff. Although ostensibly for your face you can also wear it as a perfume or rub it on your d√©collet√©. It’s basically like wearing an essential oil, as it’s very strong smelling, but I love that. The scent is so calm and relaxing,¬†I’ve been wearing it before bed and sleeping like a dream. I even take¬†it to work for those stressful moments.¬†I’ll definitely be repurchasing. My 10 ml sample is worth $10.00 so it’s pricey…but worth it!

quiet mind¬†I was less excited by the rest of the box. I’m curious to try the Floss Gloss Nail Lacquer, but not too stoked about the brown shade.

I quite like Lovinah’s Coffee Bean-illa Detox Body Scrub, but the coffee smell is a bit pungent.

Lastly, the cute pink bag contains a travel kit of skincare minis from the Hylunia brand. I’m saving these for a trip to England around Christmas time, but the all-important sniff test rendered me unimpressed…no scent, and I like my scents! Nice to try out a whole range from a brand though.

My Natural Skincare Routine Post-Ditch-and-Switch…

It’s been about two months since I ditched chemical-laden beauty products (check out my ‘Why’ page to learn more about this) and switched to all-natural (or mostly natural) products instead. Do I see a difference in my skin??

I wrote a post early on in which I mourned the loss of my Oil of Olay Nighttime Regenerist cream. Now I laugh at that post…

I’ve always been pretty lucky with my skin. At 34 I don’t have tons of wrinkles, and have never had to worry about acne. My skin tends more towards dryness, so my skincare routine reflects that…and I can honestly say my skin has never looked better since I started using all-natural products. This is my basic skincare routine:

Weekday Mornings

“Yes To Grapefruit” Facial Scrub (applied in shower) Smells gorgeous and really wakes you up with its bright fruity-candy scent.

Trader Joe’s Antioxidant Facial Serum (applied in shower. I wrote a post recently about how amazingly soft your skin will be if you apply serum to wet skin, and then just let it air dry. It’s just quicker/easier for me to do this in the shower).

“Yes to Cucumbers” moisturizer (smells DIVINE, and neither too thick nor thin to apply before make-up)

Body – Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya Body Lotion. Bliss!

Weekday Evenings

Face – I remove make-up with a “Yes to Cucumbers” facial wipe (I also love the Blum brand, which I can usually find at T.J.Maxx – a store with an unlikely treasure trove of natural beauty products) and then apply either my beloved Jojoba oil, or if my skin feels really dry and tight, Argan oil. Neither seem to clog pores, and both leave my skin soft in the mornings…even more so than any night cream I’ve ever tried. The jojoba oil has cleared up the redness around my nose, so if you ever have that issue I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

If I want to use a toner I just use cold fresh-brewed tea, such as green tea, swiped on a cotton ball. My skin drinks in all those antioxidants!

Body – if my skin feels dry I’ll slather on Trader Joe’s 100% pure organic coconut oil. I always worried this would smell oily and gross, but it smells just like coconuts and is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used on my skin. I occasionally use this on my face too, if my skin feels extra dry, by adding a few drops to my daily moisturizer. This also adds a nice glow.


Weekends I have a bit more time, so I’ll typically use a face mask or ‘posh’ face scrub. I have two scrubs I’m experimenting with right now. Root Science RS Organic Facial Scub (see my own review) which works great, and also the lime-scented Derma E Microdermabrasion scrub, which is NOT for daily use as it’s quite intense. I like both, although I’ve also tried adding sugar to coconut oil and using that, and it honestly works just as well ūüôā

I’m still using the Wild Honey Apothecary pumpkin and chocolate face mask, and I like that just fine (I also reviewed that a week or so ago).

I love, love, love anything aromatherapy, so my Sunday night bath has become the place to experiment with essential oils. I generally sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bath and light the BEST aromatherapy candle I’ve ever used: Mrs. Meyers Soy-Based Candle in Geranium. It’s all natural, with pure essential oils, and it floods the room in scent (even when unlit!) I bought mine at Target…of course, where else?!

Geranium is a ‘balancing’ oil, helping to calm and soothe without making you too drowsy. For me, it’s the perfect ‘night before work’ scent. Plus it smells like roses, but quite as sweet and cloying…yum.

Well, friends, that’s basically it. And what have I learned so far on this journey? Well, fun as it is to buy and try ‘luxury’ skincare products, it’s really just as effective using cheaper oils and making stuff yourself. Remember my post about the bought pumpkin mask versus my DIY one? My DIY one was just as nice.

I’ll still enjoy sampling new products and trying out new stuff, but here’s the overall take-away: that elusive search for the ‘perfect’ beauty product? Guess what? It doesn’t exist!! It’s mostly just hype and hot water, and so my reason for enjoying new products (and reviewing them) is more about finding products that work and have that something extra – like a gorgeous scent. There really is a limit to how effective a product can be, and honestly, there are no products out there more effective than the purest: i.e. coconut oil. I’ve tried those fancy schmancy creams that have tons of scientific sounding ingredients that promise to ‘erase’ wrinkles and other such nonsense. Truth is, my skin’s been better since quitting all that stuff…

OK, enough proselytizing!!

Perfect Fall ‘Lip Butter’ – Mineral Fusion Lip Tint in Smolder

Ahh, the days are getting cooler, the leaves are turning brown, and a kindly real estate agent left a pumpkin on our front door step instead of the ubiquitous magnetic notepad. Fine days indeed!

In summer I rarely wear lip color; usually just a tinted balm, or nothing at all. But in fall I feel like I want to ‘stand out’ a bit more, plus the chilly weather allows me to experiment with darker colors. My favorite spring color is peach, but my favorite fall color is a cherry-red, which complements my pale skin. I have a beautiful and long-lasting one from “Bite” but it’s a little dry. My go-to brand before my toxic make-up cull was a Revlon lip butter, in any reddish shade. But now those are out of the window, what to do?

Well, I found an alternative lip butter today! It’s a ‘sheer moisture lip tint’ by Mineral Fusion, a company of which I’ve heard many good things, in the gorgeous cherry shade, Smolder.

I would definitely not call this is a ‘sheer lip tint.’ In fact, it’s the closest all-natural alternative to the Revlon (or Maybelline) lip butters I’ve found. It’s pigmented, but glides on smoothly, and has that ‘buttery’ gloss that is neither sheer nor sticky. It’s also long-lasting, leaving a red stain on my lips even after the gloss has worn off.

And the color is GORGEOUS. It’s not really a cherry-red. It’s more like a light red with just a touch of orange. It smells like vanilla-mint, and I’m officially in love. It’s much brighter and lighter than the picture below captures.

If you want to buy, click the link to find it on sale at Amazon…I got mine at Target for the full retail price of $9.99.

Now bring on the scarves and the fluffy boots; I’m ready for fall!



P.S – Shea Terra Organics has a 30% off code: oct2014 (ending October 30). I soooo want these:

Shea Terra Organics White Chocolate Body Creme

Shea Terra Organics Dark Chocolate Body Scrub

Root Science Organic Face Scrub – Review!

Ladies, for $40.00 this facial scrub from Root Science BETTER be worth it!! Well, it sort of is, and sort of isn’t. The ingredients are amazing, and it smells ostensibly of mint…O.K, it doesn’t; more like, erm, earth. But I’m not holding that against it.

As a scrub, it works. And it is gentle. It’d be great for sensitive skin as it’s more like a ‘rub’ than a scrub, with leafy bits rather than weird granules or gritty bits. It tightens my skin and seems to close pores. It basically works like a face mask. It promises to renew, restore, and brighten, and I think it fulfills that promise.

I’m just not sure it’s worth $40.00.

Here’s a list of the ingredients:

Almonds:  Contain vitamin E, which increase cellular regeneration and promotes the healing process of scars and acne.

Kaolin Clay: Enhances blood circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing. Draws out impurities, toxins, excess oil and dirt. Aids in the healing process of acne, rosacea and sun damage.

Orange Peel: Contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, which stimulates collagen synthesis, evens skin tone and brightens complexion.

Bentonite Clay: Abundant in calcium and magnesium; critical for skin regeneration. Calms skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and clears acne blemishes and clogged pores.

Neem Leaf: Packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and astringent properties. Protects against acne, soothes skin irritation, and revitalizes dull skin.

Slippery Elm Bark: Used to treat psoriasis, boils, burns and ulcers. Reduces inflammation, calms irritation, and draws toxins from the skin.

Marshmallow Root: Used to treat eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and sunburns.  Increases cell regeneration and plumps fine lines and wrinkles.