Pumpkin Face Masks: DIY vs Bought!

Hey folks!

As promised, today was my not-long-awaited foray into experimenting with DIY beauty. What with it being fall and all, I figured I’d make something pumpkin-y, so I attempted an easy ‘pumpkin pie’ facemask. I also have a nice store-bought comparison I can do, having recently snagged Wild Honey Apothecary’s Pumpkin Cocoa Mask ($22.00 for 2oz). Doesn’t it look delllicccious? Mmmmmm!

wild honey facemask

First of all, why would you want to slather your face in pumpkin anyway? Well, pumpkins are packed full of vitamin C and vitamin A, which help boost collagen production, amongst other things. They’re also loaded with AHA’s, which increase cell turnover and brighten skin. So, this is the perfect anti-aging ingredient.

Let’s start with my newly bought pumpkin cocoa mask, shall we?
First off, this product smells AMAZING. I have no words. It basically smells like chocolate – far more than it does pumpkin. It’s also got honey in it, which makes it VERY sticky. Applying it was difficult. Once on, it smelled lovely, but I didn’t feel a tingle or any sensation. I left it on for about 20 minutes, and it did leave my skin nice and soft. I probably won’t buy it again because of the price, but it feels luxurious simply because of the divine smell!

Now onto my DIY ‘pumpkin pie’ mask. Here’s what I put in:

2tbsp organic pumpkin puree

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp milk

a dash of pumpkin pie spice

Mix it all up and apply with the back of a spoon (I keep one of those plastic Yogurtland spoons around for this purpose)

Now we’re in real-time because, I’m still wearing it! My face is bright orange (this is the perfect Halloween-day beauty treatment!). Unlike the bought mask this feels really nice on. The best word I can describe for it is ‘cooling.’ It also smells, well, like someone smushed pumpkin pie onto my face!

OK, just rinsed it off. This mask had more of a brightening and tightening effect than Wild Honey’s, which was more softening. This may be because it has pumpkin seed oil in it, so a few drops of oil in the DIY one would probably yield a similar result.


Price- DIY wins, naturally.

Smell- a tie. I love both cocoa and pumpkin!

Texture- DIY is smoother and easier to apply

Result- pretty much a tie.

Overall verdict: DIY WINS!!!!


    1. I’m from England, and we don’t do much pumpkin stuff, so imagine my delight when discovering the crazy-pumpkin-love that happens in the U.S. in fall!




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