only goodness inside deodorant – holy moly, it works!

Hey All!

Today, as promised, I tried out the Only Goodness Inside brand all-natural deodorant from my Vegan Cuts box. I spent a difficult day at work trying not to surreptitiously sniff my armpits. One of my students walked into my room and declared it to be “stinky.” Cue huge bout of paranoia! Turns out it was my half-eaten hummus dip sitting on the desk, thank the lord.

Finally, I got home and could sniff in peace. And, you know what? It worked! This is the first time I’ve had success with a non-aluminum deodorant, and I couldn’t be happier. I wore my regular “Secret” brand deodorant the next day, to compare, and I think I was fresher with the all-natural one. Happy days! This is a switch I’m particularly keen to make given the studies coming out that suggest links between aluminum deodorant and breast cancer. Read more here.

Another big hit from my Vegan Cuts box, which I said I would update you about, was the Derma E microdermabrasion scrub. First off, I apparently have to apologize. I told you it smelled of lemons. I told my hubby it smelled of lemons. To which he promptly replied, “you’re an idiot; that’s smells of limes.” Lemons, limes, what ‘evs. Anyway, it smells yummy, and it works great.

My favorite product is still the Lunatick eyeshadow though!


  1. wow great! i’ve been looking for a nonstink alumminum free deodorant and haven’t had any luck. So far I’ve tried the Tom’s one (sucks) and the Lavanilla one (a little better but not when sweating). I wish there were other anti perspiring ingredients besides harmful aluminum. I’ll take your recommendation thanks!



  2. It worked for me! There’s another brand called “Pure” I want to try too…supposed to smell nice. I heard Tom’s sucks…their dental care stuff is the best though! Thanks for stopping by 🙂



  3. you are not an idiot.. that’s a bit harsh.. Anyways it smells of limes and lemons..citrus-ish, anyways I use that deodorant as well. I love it so far. I too get the vegan cuts.. I love the mascara also. I still have much to learn on vegan makeup though.

    Thank you for sharing your ventures btw

    milk & kisses,



    1. Ha ha! Yeah, it’s great! I am learning more every day, and I’ll be posting a review of Petit Vour sub box this weekend, which is amazing! If you live near a Sprouts, they have so many amazing vegan beauty products…it’s a good place to start..thanks for dropping by!




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