how to get lusher lashes…naturally!

I’ve been using mostly green products for about two weeks now, and instead of Olay regenerist nightcream (sigh, I still kind of miss it) I’ve been using pure jojoba oil (Desert Essence brand, see below) at night instead. My skin looks great. The pores on my nose are much less noticeable and the redness around my nose has almost gone, but another really cool side-benefit has emerged! I’ve discovered that my lashes are less brittle, and seem lusher and glossier than before. Putting mascara on is so much easier – no more spidery lashes, or clumping! Now I make a point of swiping the oil over my brows and lashes, and even my brows seem to be shinier and in better condition.

No s*** Sherlock, right? Putting oil on your hair (lashes, brows, whatever) is obviously going to moisturize and condition it, but I just didn’t realize what a big impact it would have.

Try it for a couple of weeks, and see what you think.

jojoba oil



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